Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BBH & Uma Lou on the subject of having children at the same time….

Uma Lou:  when we're ready then we'll just adopt we can adopt little Mexican babies that are sisters or brothers 
BBH:  ya no Asians, yuppies walking around with them like they are from the American Girl store, they freak me out
 Uma Lou:  NO ASIANS yeah me too
And no black babies because you scared me…about them turning 10 and going all militia
on me
BBH:  just Sudanese or what ever Angelina Jolie gets
BBH:  fuckin shank me in the eyeball in my sleep
 Uma Lou:  LOL wearing a bandana and w/ a ak47
 BBH:  no pores and shit
 Uma Lou:  LOL Mexican babies although I think we have to live in Mexico, so there may be a year we have to move there
 BBH:  fuck no
 Uma Lou:  LOL
 BBH:  they will kidnap us!
 Uma Lou:  OMG
 BBH:  they will think we are lesbians and lesbians have money! Fuck that noise
 Uma Lou:  oh shit, you are right
 BBH:  you just bring me back one & a blanket
 Uma Lou:  ok LOL
 BBH:  and I a need a English speaking model
 Uma Lou:  I’ll take two Mexican babies please do they speak English yet?
No? hmmm no no I need English speaking Mexican baby too
 BBH:  I don’t know what you’re bringing me! You could be all funny and bring me like a 6 yr old! like ha ha watch this...this will be HILARIOUS
 Uma Lou:  their pampers will be full of drugs then what, oh hello Federali I was bringing this Mexican baby to my best friend, nope. Dead.
 BBH:  damn it. You need bigger boobs
 Uma Lou:  LOL
 BBH:  we don’t have anything else to OFFER if we get kidnapped
Uma Lou:  omg we're gonna die
 BBH:  yup
 Uma Lou:  LOL two American lesbians by the name of big butter and Uma Lou died trying to transport drug stuffed babies and what do I have? Do you like my curly hair?
 BBH:  ughhh can I pay my ransom in craft supplies & shoes?
BBH:  you for sure can rid of Ike that way (Uma’s dumb dog)
 Uma Lou:  I will sing a song for you!
LOL poor Ike, we'll bring moose
 BBH:  fuck Ike. Moose will save us (he’s from the streets)
 Uma Lou:  you know he's one step away from fucking people up
 BBH:  We will send for my brother, Mario & Moose.
 Uma Lou:  LOL omg
 BBH:  they will save us
 Uma Lou:  it'll be like one of those action movies cept it will be Mario and moose
 BBH:  yes. And guns
 Uma Lou:  I am cracking up! Yes I’ll imagine its Bradley cooper and he's speaking French to me
 BBH:  you always are
 Uma Lou:  every minute of every day
 BBH: new man crush is David Boranaz? Bore-e-anus from Bones. I love his mandible.
 Uma Lou:  OH YES he is sexy  wooo wooo
BBH:  I’d let him... you know
 Uma Lou:  do you in the butt?