Friday, March 19, 2010

Jes allo welcome to El Fuego McDonalds would jew like try balue meal tobay?

So one sunshiney day I am driving from Illinois to Michigan. I get hungry so I decide to stop at my favorite oasis (now that I am not scared of them anymore) I pull up to the drive thru and say:

Me: Hello
No answer
Me: Hello? Hola?
McDonalds Girl: Jes allo would jew like to try balue meal tobay?
Me: Ah no, just an ice mocha and a small fry please
McDonalds Girl: Jes ok would jew like to try a new wrap?
Me: Ah no, just a ice mocha and a small fry please
McDonalds Girl: Ok small fry ice mosha
Me: jes, Hello?
No response…..
At this point I am still sitting at the speaker and no one is answering me. I hear fire trucks but don’t think anything about it. So after a few minutes I pull up to the pick up window. No one is there.

Me: Hello? My fries? Hello? I smell smoke…they are burning my fries!
Me: Medium Ice Mocha please? Hello?

Now my inner fat kid is freaking out a bit. The fire trucks are AT the oasis.
A small Mexican girl comes to the window and literally throws fries at me. And runs away.

Me: Hello? Ice mocha please? Like Milton from Office Space
Me: Are you on FIRE? Hello? ¿Hola? está allí fuego?
Me: ¿HAY el FUEGO? is there El FUEGO in EL MCDONALDS?

10 minutes of this and it still hasn’t dawned on me that the MCDONALDS IS ON FIRE.
Soooo, no ice mosha then? I took my fries, didn’t pay and got back on the road. I look in the rear view mirror and see the smoke billowing out of McDonalds behind me. I GOT FREE FRIES WEEEEEEEE! LOL Adios Mikey D’s! and godspeed!

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