Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So ya say your a germaphobe.....I see your germiness and raise you 1

Cohabitating with family is always a treat. My cousin Ekim is one of my very best friends and has always amused me. Our moms, Aunts & Grandma are always nervous when we are together…WHAT WILL THEY GET INTO NOW.

So I have complied a series of Ekim & Err (that’s what he calls me) short stories…

The “Dead Foot Skin Towel” incident triggered a slew of pranks within our apartment.

Here is one of many…We always had this battle with the laundry. Ya see, Ekim is a bit of a germaphobe. This is where the problem started. He didn’t mind taking the clothes from the washer and putting them in the dryer BUT would leave all my freshly washed and CLEAN underwear and bras in the washer to rot. Because he didn’t want to touch them! We have gone around and around about this.

Me: Ekim! Don’t leave my shit in the washer to rot! I have to wash it all over again!

Ekim: I can’t touch it.

Me: They are CLEAN! They are in THE WASHER!

Ekim: I can’t.

Me: Put a sock on your damn hand and put them in the dryer.

Ekim: I can’t.

Me: They were in the washer WITH YOUR STUFF mingling around!
Ekim: NOPE, I can’t.


I work a 7am – 4pm shift. Ekim is working from about 3pm – 7am LONG HOURS. At this freight place.

So one day I get home from work, go to the washer and find a picked through pile of soaking wet underwear and bras sittin in the washer….I’ve HAD IT.
Knowing he is a germaphobe and won’t touch my girly garments, I decide I will MAKE HIM.
I take every bra & underwear I own, and stuff them in his bed, deep in the sheets, in his pillow cases…EVERYWHERE. Giggling and feeling satisfied that I have created a fabulous prank, I go to bed. Dreaming of how funny it will be when he gets home tomorrow morning and he will HAVE to touch my undies to get in his precious bed after his long shift.

I go to work the next day, didn’t hear from him…weird….I come home…his room is clean…no undies…no bras…what the BEANS & FRANKS IS GOING ON!?

I go in to my bedroom…and realize I have lost my battle. This germaphobe freak has put on rubber gloves; pick up every garment, and TAPED THEM TO MY CEILING! Along with TP’ing my room in 4 rolls of paper.
The mirror has “GERMS” written on it in blue tape and he has left the rubber gloves on my bed.
Ok ya haa haa, he got me. So I try to pull a pair of undies down from the ceiling…I can’t! They are not dangling so I could REACH them OH NOOOOO. He thought this out! He knew my short ass would try to stand on my bed and get them down so he didn’t put any in a radius around my bed.
He won’t be home until tomorrow morning…so I have to go across the hall and ask my lovely neighbors to “help me”….they laughed so freaking hard and we have been great friends ever since.
Repercussion to this coming soon…..


Anonymous said...

OMG.... You should write short stories and YES you two should have only supervised visits...

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